Mahmoud Tahan

Graphic Designer,
Web Developer,
Digital Marketer

I Lie Kit Website

Project Details

Categorized As:
PSD-to-HTML, UI/UX Design, Web Development
July 2015
Skills Used:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CodeIgniter, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, MySQLi, PHP, PSD-to-HTML, SCSS, UI Kit
Art & Creative

About the Project

The website was built for Ms. Lisa Winstanley who is an MA Graphic Communication student with IDI and the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and the I Lie Kit project supports her studies on the “graphic exploration of lies and truth”. It serves as an anonymous confessions portal and on a weekly basis, the top lie is depicted in the form of an artwork.

The website was built from scratch due to the specific requirements which couldn’t have been achieved otherwise. Using CodeIgniter for the Back-End and a highly customized version of UI Kit for the front, the one-page website is completely responsive, very lightweight, and is optimized for performance.

The layout requirements set a few challenges but nothing some well-placed CSS and JQuery techniques couldn’t handle. The website features several input forms as well as the ability to post comments and go through archived lies. Being a one-page website, all this was made possible with extensive use of AJAX and the page does not reload at any point.

With anonymity being a top priority, I still wanted to implement a feature that allowed returning visitors to remain anonymous while still retaining their chosen display names. Requiring any information that could potentially identify a visitor was out of the question. Therefore, upon submitting a lie or a comment with a new display name, the system generates a unique code which the user can then use in place of their display name to continue using their chosen identity.

To top it all off, a minimal and private administration dashboard was built from which Lisa could moderate the incoming lies and comments and manage the website’s content. This project will always be one of my favorites due to the many challenges I’ve had to overcome to achieve the results that were so well-received.


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