Mahmoud Tahan

Graphic Designer,
Web Developer,
Digital Marketer

Khaleej Mainstream Logo Design

Project Details

Categorized As:
Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design
July 2015
Skills Used:
Adobe Illustrator
News & Media

About the Project

The Khaleej Mainstream logo was commissioned by a local online news publishing group whose focus is on news and events from the Arab Gulf. The logo features a falcon which is a popular symbolic representation in the area and the fact that falcons were used as a means of communication historically made it the perfect choice.

A negative cutout was included in the shape of the Arabic letter “خ” which is pronounced as “kha” and is the first letter in the word “Khaleej” meaning Gulf.  The modern font and the vibrant yellow were chosen to convey a more current and mainstream tone. The logo was approved at first sight.


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